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Does your company need a facebook page?

February 23, 2011

January 23, 2011 posted by Sharon Ritchey – Bashing Lemming Suicide Myths since 2000 My clients rely on me to help them develop messaging and content to reach their customers.  One of the most frequent questions I answer is: Does my company need a facebook page? I admit I have a cautious relationship with facebook. […]

Why Communication Matters

February 5, 2011

After 25 years of marriage the importance of communication is learned. It’s a lesson we can use in business and in life.

What is the home row?

The home row is the center row of keys on the keyboard "A,S,D,F,J,K,L,;" When students are taught how to become touch typists (typing without looking at the keys) they begin with their hands resting on the home row. The left hand rests on the "A,S,D,F" keys and the right hand on the "J,K,L,;" keys. From this position the other keys can be reached.