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Is Self Publishing a Book Right for You?

April 28, 2011

April 28, 2011 Posted By Sharon Ritchey Fedex delivered a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin champagne and a book to my office last Tuesday. And while I love champagne, it was the book I was most eager to open. A Smile Never Hurts, One Woman’s Story, by my client Pat Powers Rothacker¬† has been close […]

Local Newspapers Are Hitting the Content Sweet Spot

April 16, 2011

April 16, 2011 by Sharon J. Ritchey I won’t add my thoughts to the decline of newspaper readership. There are plenty of pundits who follow this issue more closely than I care. But I have to say that over the past six months I have started to pay more attention to my local newspapers, the […]

Book Review: Priceless, The Myth of Fair Value and How to Take Advantage of It

April 6, 2011

It’s not often that I first take a book out of the library and then buy it. But this is the case with Priceless, The Myth of Fair Value and How to Take Advantage of It by William Poundstone. The premise is that people make decisions about what items and services cost, not always on value but on our internal feelings of fairness to us and what we value.

What is the home row?

The home row is the center row of keys on the keyboard "A,S,D,F,J,K,L,;" When students are taught how to become touch typists (typing without looking at the keys) they begin with their hands resting on the home row. The left hand rests on the "A,S,D,F" keys and the right hand on the "J,K,L,;" keys. From this position the other keys can be reached.