About Us

We use erasers so you don't have to.

Home Row Editorial, LLC, is a Northern Virginia-based writing, editing, and content consulting company with clients across the nation.

Home Row Editorial is run by Sharon Ritchey, a published non-fiction writer, trained editor, and publications manager who has been involved in publications and communications for more than 15 years.

Sharon J. Ritchey

Sharon J. Ritchey has been involved in the publications industry for more than 15 years. A proficient writer, editor, and manager, she has worked for trade journals, magazines, international corporations, non-profits, and public relations firms. Her expertise includes writing and editing feature-length articles, corporate profiles, press releases, marketing materials, newsletters, bios and resumes, marketing collateral, ghost-written materials, and website content.

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All About Home Row Editorial

Home Row Editorial, LLC provides creative content and brand development for non-profits, universities, for-profit companies, and individuals seeking customer- focused ideas for

  • blogs
  • brochures, both print and online
  • email marketing
  • newsletters, both print and online
  • online applications
  • press releases
  • product and company name development
  • promotional materials
  • sales materials
  • websites

If it needs words, we can develop those messages to reach your audience. If it already has words, we will edit content and provide marketing guidance to ensure that your messages stay focused on your brand and your communication needs.

Home Row is run by owner and senior creative content director, Sharon Ritchey, who for the past eight years has worked with clients around the country to develop creative and effective content. Sharon is an accomplished writer and editor with over 15 years of business communications and publications management experience. She earned a professional editing certification from George Washington University and an MFA in creative non-fiction writing from George Mason University.

Home Row’s focus is words and messages and how ideas, which includes visuals and design, come together to convey a call to action. We can provide complete publication lifecycle management and understand the changing Web and social media environment as well as the foundation of print publications such as newsletters and promotional media including advertisements and press releases.

Home Row provides no in-house design or Web development. We only provide the ideas and the words. It’s what we love to do best.  However, we don’t leave our clients with only words on paper. We understand the importance of creating the perfect message and that in our highly visual society, messages without high-impact design are incomplete.

Our Team and Team mates

We partner with and manage creative organizations to create lasting messages. We proudly list their efforts in our portfolio. However, we take a neutral stance on design and deliverables and have the ability to work with the best creative professionals for the project at hand. Our focus is working with designers, illustrators, videographers, photographers, Web developers, and printers to create messages that meet the needs of the client.

Over the years, our knowledge of how our creative cousins work and our ability to “speak design and Web,” has made us a trusted partner for creative companies seeking expert content and brand development .

Home Row takes a team approach to all writing and brand development projects. Each project is assigned a creative development team member as well as a fresh eye editor and proofreader. This internal check and balance ensures as much consistency, accuracy, and on-time deliverables as possible.

We take the necessary time to develop custom style-sheets that define each company’s voice and style. We provide research, submit progress updates, and promise to return your messages and emails when you need an answer.

Each Home Row Editorial team member has years of experience and many have advanced degrees. Our expertise includes education and public relations specialists,  as well as writers with legal experience, direct TV industry marketing, and magazine editing and writing. Each project will be fresh and developed for your needs and the needs of your audience.