Strategic Partner Information

This document is for information purposes only. Prices and terms are subject to change without notice.

Q. What are Home Row Editorial Writing Services?

A. Home Row provides writing, editing, and content consulting services to business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies. We help our clients define their messages, develop names for companies and products, and even get their blogs written.

Q. What are you looking for in a strategic partnership?

A. Home Row Editorial employees have extensive communications experience. We’ve run entire public relations campaigns, trade show exhibits, corporate events, launched products, and attended dozens of press checks.

We don’t want to handle those communications tasks anymore.

We only want to develop, write, and edit content.
We’re looking for two types of partners. The first type is the one that handles everything we’ve mentioned above with the same passion and energy that we put into our writing and editing services.

The second type of partner is the one that provides any and all of the following services with the same passion and energy that we put into our writing and editing:

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Coding
  • New media and Internet expertise
  • Direct Mail
  • Technical Writing
  • Printing
  • Strategic Marketing and Branding

You see, as passionate as we are about writing and editing (you should have guessed that since we’ve said it now three times), we realize that unless we can provide complete solutions to our clients, their websites will never be launched, their collateral will never be printed, and our fantastic press releases will never be released. Since Home Row only provides the messaging, editorial development, and maintenance, we seek to develop relationships with individuals and companies that we trust to work with our clients.

Q. Can any company become a strategic partner?

A. No. Sorry if that seems harsh. Our clients have specific needs and we look for partners who share our business philosophies, growth profiles, and price points. We’re not the low cost provider but we also don’t believe in over charging our clients. We seek out partners that are experts in their fields and that have demonstrated a sound client base and work portfolio.

Q. If I refer work to you will you refer work to me?

A. Maybe. Does that sound harsh again? Home Row seeks out the best strategic partners for each client. For example, we like to work with a variety of graphic designers. We’ve learned that different clients need to work with different personality types and levels of service. In our own company, we do our best to pair writers with subject matter expertise to projects. We do the same for partners. We never want partners to feel obligated to refer work to us either. We just want them to say nice things about the final product.

Q. I’d like to add your services to a contract how do I do this?

A. Thanks! We love to partner with lots of great companies. Home Row can serve as an independent partner that works with you and your client. We can also work under your company umbrella as “your” in-house writing team. Call us directly to discuss your needs.

Q. How do I price your services?

A. Most services are priced on a per project basis. We find that as much as we love the open-ended taxi meter approach to editing, the clients don’t like it. Please call us for a price estimate. However, if you need to do a quick estimate, here are some guidelines.

Writing and substantive editing = $125.00 per hour
The average writer can write ½ page of text in an hour or perform 3-4 pages of substantive editing in an hour.
Copyediting = $70.00
6-8 pages per hour.
Proofreading = $30.00 per hour
8-10 pages per hour
Typing hard copy documents into electronic files = $10.00 per page (we dislike typing!)
Webpage Writing: for pages other than contact us or other light text pages. $200-$250 per page

When we estimate projects we also build in time for revisions.

Q. Do you ever discount your services?

A. Yes. That’s when the per project fee comes in handy. We do our best to work within budgets. We may build in fewer rounds of revisions or make recommendations on how to lessen the editing load.

Q. What’s the difference between substantive editing and editing? Isn’t it all the same?

A. Thank you for asking! It’s not the same. Different types of editing require different levels of effort and expertise.

Definition of writing and editing terms:

Original writing: Create new text based on supplied source materials, research, interviews, and a defined understanding between Home Row Editorial and the client on content and message.

Copyediting: Check for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage, ensure consistency of style throughout the document, and clear up confusing and awkward thoughts. Copyediting should be done before the document is designed.

Substantive editing: Reorganize and rewrite your document. Develop content that is logical, accurate, complete, and appropriate for your company’s intended audience.

Proofreading: Review already-edited documents one final time, checking for any remaining errors and inconsistencies. Proofreading is best done after the document is designed.

Round of edits: This means making modifications to text. The first round of edits is usually done after initial presentation of materials and feedback is provided to Home Row Editorial by the client. The second round of edits consists of minor modifications to approved text.

Round of refinements: Make minor corrections and modifications to already edited and content approved copy.

Q. How are contracts handled?

A. Just call our lawyer, Rhonda Miller. Just kidding, though Rhonda Miller really is our lawyer and a great one if you’re looking for a business attorney. Contracts are handled based on the project. We are happy to review your subcontractor agreements, provide one for you, accept your P.O. or develop our own contracts for working independently with your clients.

Q. If I want to work with you do you require a down payment?

A. In most cases we ask for 1/3 to ½ of services up front for clients where we don’t have a working relationship established. However, we do understand that many projects can not be paid until completion and depending on our relationship with you, our strategic partner, will define our terms and comfort level.

Q. A lot of the work we do is sensitive, how do you handle client confidentiality?

A. We ask that our writers and consultants respect each client’s right to privacy and the great business ideas that are generated. We ask all consultants to sign non-disclosure agreements and noncompete clauses.

Q. If I refer business to you and then my client contacts you for follow-on work what happens?

A. If your client calls us for new work, we’ll call to thank you for the great relationship you’ve helped us build. If your client calls us for new work that is out of scope of a contract that we are both working, we will contact you immediately and have you work with the client on pricing, timelines, etc. Home Row Editorial respects the client relationship and all of the effort that goes into keeping it profitable.

Q. I’d like to hire you to write for our in-house publications, websites, press releases, collateral, slogans, etc. Do you offer a professional discount?

A. No, sorry, no discount. In most cases, depending on our level of partnership, and the work you need written, Home Row will provide these services to our partners for FREE. We do this for a variety of selfish reasons. 1. It allows you to check out our service for yourself. 2. We find that by helping our partners grow their businesses our business grows as well. 3. We hope that you’ll return the favor, thus avoiding the situation where we are exchanging $250.00 checks.