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Integrated Branding Makes a Difference

Posted on July 29, 2013


George Mason University Branding Captures Attention

George Mason University Branding Captures Attention         

Sharon J. Ritchey July 29, 2013

Branding is more than how your logo prints on your business card – it’s also more than just your logo – but that’s another post. For the past three years, we’ve had the great pleasure of working with the Dean’s office of the College of Science (COS) at George Mason University. “Our” magazine, Periodic Elements,  provides a beautiful mix of stunning images and engaging content that highlights research from around the world – end of magazine plug.

Recently, COS attended an international environmental conference where they wanted to highlight the school’s activities. The Dean’s office came to us to help them write and design a brochure and a pop-up booth that extended the look and feel of the magazine to this display. Where Periodic Elements focuses on all areas of the school, this display and brochure needed to highlight only environment-related studies. However, their decision to extend the look and feel of the publication to this completely different venue was a smart choice. And here’s why.

If it isn’t broken why fix it?

Too often, marketing and advertising campaigns are changed or heavily updated because the stakeholder is tired of them. But if the messaging and imaging works why recreate? Periodic Elements has received high marks since its first issue. We know that the style of the photos, tone of the content, subjects chosen, and even particular details such as the font and paperweight of the magazine work. By extending the look and feel of the publication to this new venue, we saved time because we knew our client already approved of the overall look.

Time really does equal money

Whenever you can save design time you also save money. As with many projects, we were on a tight deadline. If the client wanted to create something completely different it would have been more costly because we would have presented more than one draft. That would have been followed by a series of refinements and the clock would be running.  We already knew that the Periodic Elements style was professional yet eye-catching and would attract attention – and it did.

Our client said, “I’m extremely pleased to say that COS was a star at ICCB, and we were noticed on many fronts! Having such a professional (I heard that term often) exhibit served us well in support of the many speakers and students that represented the college. It’s been my experience at conferences that people often stop and look at brochures but usually don’t take them. This time, many were taken.”

Match It!

It was important that after the initial meet and greet at the trade show booth that visitors who walked away with a piece of collateral would later remember the booth and the people. The brochure matched the booth by sharing photos, colors, and fonts. While each piece could stand alone for other uses, together they worked as one messaging block.

Complete the Brand Circle

Visitors to the booth may have never seen Periodic Elements. However, they now have an interest in the College of Science and if they begin to receive the publication, the initial branding that they first saw will be recognized in the publication.

Your brand is what people say about your products and services when you are not there to prompt (or correct) them. A strong cohesive message – both content and visual – will help tell the story that you want.

By integrating your branding you save time, save money, extend powerful messages, and tell your story. Stop recreating your brand and focus on making it stronger.





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