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Posted on December 8, 2013

wordcloud is my new favorite tool! This fun-to-explore application allows you to create custom word clouds. The tool, available at, is simple to use and has an impressive number of  fonts, colors, and shapes. For a non-designer like me it’s a bit of fun, sort of like walking into a bookstore and being told I can have anything I want for free. And that’s because this nifty little tool is free. Create, capture, and use as you please, or save to the world and let others see how creative you are.

Special thanks to the marketing wizards at Hubspot as this tool came to my attention through one of their great e-books The Marketer’s Crash Course in Visual Content Creation.

Don’t let the fun go to your head!

Tools like Wordle are great for non-designers who need a bit of graphic oomph for marketing. But just because a little something is great and fun doesn’t mean a lot is better. Employ this graphic tool with restraint and remember that there are times – many times, that a professional designer is the key to true visual marketing success.

I’d love to see what you create!

Sharon Ritchey

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