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Cobblers Kids Finally Have New Shoes

I'm excited to have my shiny new Home Row Editorial website live and on the web.


Like most creative professionals, my own marketing and creative work is always at the bottom of the list.

This new site is on the Wix platform. I've moved from Wordpress and I'm learning this new content management system. Some of it is intuitive, some not so much. Learning is good. I'll keep telling myself that.

The design of this new site is from Robbie Namy at Circle Studios, It was difficult to choose a designer. I work with many excellent ones. My best friend is a designer. However, I handled my website needs the way I handle the needs of my clients. I picked a design partner who could execute the parameters.

  • Beautiful creative - Robbie is a classically trained artist.

  • Intuitive design - Wix offered many templates that we were able to modify.

  • An understanding of my business - Robbie and I have worked together for many years. She knows me and I know her.

  • A stable CMS platform - I have another site, on the Wix platform and have had few problems.

  • A designer who understands the tech and can fix my mistakes - Robbie is a Wix ninja.

I can't adequately express my surprise when Robbie revealed hot air balloons as the template image. I had an idea for a beach or a book store full of volumes. But, she new I wanted some whimsy and color without looking like a circus. I kept an open mind, and employed a trick that my interior home designer, Tricia Kane at 18 Karat Interiors, uses. She tells her clients to live with the big reveals that she creates. And, if after some time it's not working, she adjusts.

Why not hot air balloons? Loft images, color, open space, sky high ideas?

A new site means a fresh start, fitting for January 2019.

Please be patient with any errors or hiccups. This cobbler is still stitching and stretching. Soon, will be a comfortable new extension of the writing and editing that pumps out of here.

baby hiking shoes
image courtesy Pixaby

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